Global Access Callback

Get low VoIP rates while using any phone or mobile

MyNetFone Global Access Callback Service (also known as ANI Callback) lets you place a call to any destination and only be charged low VoIP rates! All you need is to register your phone or mobile number on our website and you're ready to use this service - plus, registration is free!

This feature is ideal for people 'on the go' who often use their mobiles, especially if calling overseas. It is also handy for those frequently visiting family in remote areas who are not connected to VoIP, where using Global Access Callback will help avoid STD charges.


If using a landline for Global Access calls, you can use the Dial-in option instead. Simply check if there is a local Access Number in your area, dial it and then enter the destination number. 

How it works


Register your mobile, landline or any other phone from which you frequently make calls - simply log into the My Account Portal, select:

  • 'My Voice Service', then
  • If you have multiple VoIP devices, select the device you want your VoIP calls billed to, then 
  • 'Global Access' tab in the top menu and enter up to 5 numbers you want to add
2   Dial one of the Global Access Callback Numbers 1800 158 039 or 02 8094 1881 from any of the numbers you registered in step 1 - you will hear a 'busy' tone, you should press '##' on your keypad and hang up. You will not be charged for the call by us or any third party provider, as it is not answered by our system.
3   Our system will call you back in a few seconds - you then simply pick up the call and hear an automatic prompt to enter your destination number! The call will then go through at low VoIP call rates - this will involve two charges: one VoIP call charge for the 'call back'**, and a local or international VoIP call charge to the destination number.


  TIP: Remember to enter the full international code if calling overseas, or the state code if calling within Australia.

Global Access Callback Numbers are

1800 158 039 or

02 8094 1881


Maximum of 5 numbers can be registered per account. Numbers must be pre-registered in the My Account portal before you can use the Global Access Callback feature; if a telephone number is not registered, the feature will not work. The Global Access Callback feature will not work using a pay phone or when calling from a number which is set to 'private number'.


Pressing '##' after dialling the access number is essential when using analogue phones, as this terminates the call and prevents you being charged by your third party provider for the call. MyNetFone does not take any responsiblity if you fail to press '##' and are overcharged by your third party provider as a result of an improperly terminated call.

**If you are calling from a mobile, the 'call back' will be charged at MyNetFone's mobile rate (varies depending on your plan). If you are calling from an Australian number, then the 'call back' charge will be 10c or included in your free calls, depending on your plan