White Pages and Location Information

You can list your phone and address on White Pages - this makes it easier for family and long-lost friends to reach you!

Plus, the location information is submitted to the IPND (Integrated Public Number Database), which is used by emergency services such as ambulance or fire brigade to send help if you call ‘triple 0’ from this number. Therefore it is important to update the location address, even if you do not want to list on White Pages.

White Pages is a service provided by Sensis. MyNetFone only provides the location data, and is not responsible for the appearance of the listing, bold listings or any other features of the White Pages service. The listing should appear on White Pages approximately 2 weeks after submission*.

Note: If you would like your details to be listed in printed White Pages directories, please make sure to activate the listing by following the steps below at least 2 weeks before the White Pages Directory Deadline for printing.

How to Update Location Information for Emergency Calling

  Log into the My Account Portal
  Select 'My Customer Details' in the left menu, then 'Service Address' in the top menu

Enter the building and locality (address) details for the location where you use this MyNetFone service from

  Click 'Submit' and you're done!

Note: The name stated on your MyNetFone account will be automatically included in Location Information and White Pages.

How to List Your Number on White Pages

  Complete the above steps then click on 'Directory Address' in top menu
  Tick the box for 'Use Service Address for Directory Address' & Click 'Submit'
  A once-off White Pages Listing processing fee of $30 applies - if you need to update the location information in the future, you will not be charged again
  The listing should appear on White Pages approximately 2 weeks after submission*.

Emergency Calling Limitations

With VoIP services, calls to emergency services (triple '0') may not work at all times - for example when the power is out or the internet is down. We recommend that you keep another form of telephone (landline or mobile) available for calling emergency services.

However, if there are no adverse circumstances, and you are able to call emergency services, the address registered with IPND is where help will be sent. Therefore it is very important to ensure the address information is updated.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us on 1300 731 048

*2 weeks is an approximate timeframe only, and depends on processing time by White Pages