MyNetFone VoIP Service Features

We have great service features and handy ‘extras' that help you get the most out of your MyNetFone service. And unlike your traditional landline service, most of them are FREE on all service plans, helping you save even more.

  • Standard Features - Included FREE with your MyNetFone service
  • Advanced Features - Advanced functionality available in addition to the Standard Features, allowing you to optimise your communication experience.
Auto Answer*

Set up your calls to be automatically answered after a set number of rings.

Never miss a phone call again.

Call Waiting/Hold/Transfer/Forward/Mute*

Standard call 'hold', 'transfer', ‘forward’, ‘mute’ and ‘call waiting’ features.

‘Hold’ a call when you need to step away, speak to someone or dial out using a different line.

‘Transfer’ a call to another number, mobile or landline.

‘Forward’ a call to another number, mobile or landline when you’re busy or away.

‘Mute’ a call so the person on the other end can’t hear you.

Be notified of incoming calls whilst on the phone by a beep tone & swap between calls.
Do Not Disturb*

Divert calls straight to voicemail so your phone does not ring.

Get peace, quiet and privacy when you want it.

Follow Me

Re-direct incoming calls to ring multiple numbers in succession (eg. home, phone, mobile, office, etc)

You can direct incoming calls to ring your standard handset, then if the call is unanswered, it will be forwarded to your mobile, then the office phone, voicemail or any other number.

MyAccount Portal

Conveniently manage your MyNetFone account and features online.

Upgrade your plan, change your contact details, pay your bills and more.

Voicemail & Voicemail to Email

Standard voicemail with the additional feature of messages being sent to you via email as an audio attachment.

If someone calls, but there is no answer they can leave a voice message.

If you have chosen the Voicemail to Email feature, you can get your voicemails anywhere you have access to your emails.

Keep Your Number

Keep your current number so your family and friends can still find you when you switch to MyNetFone.

Friends and family won't have to remember a new number when you move to MyNetFone.

Bring your number to MyNetFone

Additional Phone Numbers (DIDs)

Get additional numbers in other states, or extra numbers to use as direct lines for your staff.

Get additional phone numbers

Set up additional DIDs in other states, our family and friends can call you for the cost of a local call.


MyText SMS

Send SMS messages to single or multiple recipients from your computer.

Send SMS messages from your MyNetFone account at great rates.

White Pages

List your phone number and location in White Pages, or update your address for Emergency Calling.

Make it easier for family and long-lost friends to reach you.

List your number on White Pages

* The MyNetFone service supports enhanced call features including call waiting, caller ID and call forward/hold when busy. The availability of some of these features may be dependent on the type of equipment you are using.

˜SMS delivery is subject to 'best effort' support and we cannot guarantee that all messages will reach their desitnation number, especially for international SMS.