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DSL Data Boost


Increase your download allowance, on-demand





Ramp-up your downloads

Having a busy month? Need more data in a hurry? We understand that internet usage can vary from month to month. That's why all MyNetFone DSL customers can add-on a 100Gb data boost at anytime.

The boost lasts 60 days. If you start a new (monthly) billing cycle after the boost has been applied, your regular plan quota will be used first.


How to add a data boost

Boosts can be purchased from the MyNetFone customer portal (link). You can purchase multiple boosts at the same time.

Your data boost will be applied instantly, and will start being used once you have exhausted your normal monthly quota. Once the boost is exhausted, your internet speed will be slowed (shaped) to 256Kpbs.


Data boost

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100Gb download quota

No peak / off-peak limits

Lasts for 60 days (2 months)


$10 per boost


Buy now - DSL internet data boost


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Min: $10 (once-off). 1c /Gb.




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